egg donation


Assessment of egg donors

Egg donors present to the practice for a psychological assessment.  These findings are presented to the clinic.  They are usually referred by the agencies, or by the clinic, especially in the case of a known donation. 

Why does the egg donor need an assessment

The egg donor needs to be assessed to ensure she is making the right decision for the right reason.  Her history needs to be questioned to try establish whether there is a heightened risk for certain inherited psychological conditions that the recipient needs to be aware of.  

Do recipients need an assessment?

Most clinics do not require this, except in unusual circumstances like known donations or single motherhood, at times.  However, many recipients find it difficult to adjust to the decision to use an egg or sperm donor and it is strongly recommended they attend a psychological session in order to come to terms with their decision.  They may also be coming to terms with loss, as this is a grieving process. 

Is this something I share with others?

This is a very personal decision. Whether you be a donor or a recipient.  Especially for your child.  It is strongly recommended you speak to a professional before sharing your news. 


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Coming to terms with egg donation

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