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Who am I


My Practice

I have been in private practice for over twenty years, starting off with working with children and families, then broadening my practice to fertility, coping with fertility choices and the impact on the marriage. My passion is also stress management in a private and group setting as well as miscarriage, infant loss and depression.


My Treatment Focus

My focus is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which strongly recognises that thinking drives action.  Sometimes we can't change our circumstances but we can change the way in which we think about them.  I am amazed at the insights I learn everyday from my patients. As a therapist, I never believe I have all the answers, but every person I meet fills in the blanks- to help others and myself!


My Patient Promise

I became a therapist because I know that all of us need a hand along the way. Freud said: "There are no happy lives, there are happy moments."  I am there when the not-so-happy moments happen.  It may be that I am here for a reason or for a season. 


My Focus



This is such a rollercoaster of emotions.  Decisions are many, and the helplessness and lack of control can lead to depression, post traumatic stress and marital isolation.  Having struggled to have children myself, it is a journey I know only too well. I have helped couple's make decisions, plans and perspective about their journey.


Egg Donation

Making the decision to use an egg donor is filled with loss and confusion.  There are also many issues on disclosure. It is a process, but one that can be managed. I have assessed donors for many years, and helped couple's come to terms with moving forward when other avenues have been exhausted.  



Perhaps one of  the hardest and most invasive forms of fertility treatment of which not much is known. A beautiful gift of proportions that are inexplicable but an unknown journey that can be made easier with support. I have been doing forensic surrogacy reports for in excess of twenty years. 

Other Areas of speciality

Couple Therapy


When the question becomes "Is this it?" or "This is it", it's time for some guidance. 

Communication skills and relationship decisions. How to navigate challenges in one's relationship.

Miscarriage and Infant Loss


Losing a baby at any stage of pregnancy or an infant due to premature birth or a child is the most heart- wrenching pain to go through. It feels as though there is no-one who understands and sometimes there are no words... 



Grief comes in waves, and those waves are overwhelming. We initially feel we grabbing onto anything to keep afloat. The waves never stop but the waves become more predictable. 

Stress Management



There is good stress and bad stress. Good stress releases adrenalin and doesn't necessarily impact on health negatively.  Bad stress creates the problem and we secrete this 90% of our day.

TUPS Stress

Time Urgency and Perfectionism (TUPS) Stress can be managed as an individual, as a couple, in a group or in a corporate setting.

Time Urgency Perfectionism Stress and Your Health

We have presented internationally, written various articles and written a book which is available on-line as an e-book.

Why manage your stress?

This improves pregnancy rates, improves work output and overall coping skills. This is done in a concrete, practical manner supported by an application and on-line support. 

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